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Shamanism for inspired action: Online gathering

Dernière mise à jour : 7 mai

I'm very happy and proud to join and share some insights and - hopefully- some wisdom for the Online Gathering "Shamanism for inspired action" between May 20 and 24th.

A global gathering with many inspired speakers!

We are 20 speakers from different countries and background. I will be talking about spirituality; my journey to shamanism; writing, mana and water healing; pragmatic steps and tools to bring spirituality into your everyday life; how to better align yourself to your own intuition and path (rather than concept, limiting belief or unconscious wounds or social expectations).

Here is a sampling of the transmissions and teachings that we’ll receive during Shamanism for Inspired Action, From Vision to Creation:

  • Mia Fereleto : The Return of The Wounded Knee Artifacts: Healing the Hearberat of America 

  • Ohki Forest : Shamanic Ways for Humanity’s Transformation 

  • Emma Fitchett : Balancing the Energy Body with Plant Spirits, for Personal & Spiritual Evolvement

  • Celine Hervé-Bazin : Creativity, Write your Own Spiritual Story

  • John Lockley : Manifesting Mystery in Trouble Times

  • Anja Steensig :  The path of Surrender and Allowing

  • Roberta Pughe PhD : Embodied Enlightenment - Shamanic Practices for Soul Retrieval & Accelerated Transformation

  • Jamie Meyer:  Fear, Trust and Optimism in Shamanic Practice

  • Dana Canneto:  Dancing Your Way to Higher Purpose

  • Grand Mother Céleste Lagioia : The Powerful Alliance of Inspiration & Creation

  • John MacKinnon : The importance of Collaboration in Achieving our Visions

  • Eimear Stassin: Activating the Irish Shaman in Me

  • Katharina Mann: Here are my Hands, Let’s see what they are Making! Doing it the Feminine Way

  • Dr. Tom Garcia, DC : Finding Purpose

  • Nathalie Frossard : The Plants, your Allies at each step of your Project

  • Tricia Bennett: Sacred Instruction and the Practice of Listening

  • Britta Heden: The Shamanic Compass to Wisdom

  • And more!

Call to inspired actions

Spiritual forces help us manifest what our soul & spirit desire most, as a way of honoring ourselves. Shamanic visions can unfold into possibilities that will enrich our lives, our communities and Mother Earth.

Inspired Action comes from a place that is joyful, that gives us the energy and motivation for accomplishments. When we look for external responses about ourselves and our path, we will probably remain unfulfilled. Yet when we ground ourselves, when we take the time to be in silence, when we deepen our relationship with the aliveness that is around us, we are attentive to our soul and spirit.

Shamanic practices support our transformation when we create from deep within; as we surrender while acting in alignment with our source.

  • How can Helping Spirits become powerful allies when we follow our vision ?

  • How does collaboration amplify Inspired Action, and how does it contribute to the embetterment of the whole?

  • What is the dance between the worlds, the Seen and the Unseen, as we act in accordance with the messages we perceive?

  • How do we nurture our soul when we take inspired action ?

  • What is the journey of a vision that comes to creation? 

This potent invitation comes from my dear friend and colleague, Celine Roche, who has created a new global gathering airing from May 20-24,2024. It’s designed to guide us remembering of our spiritual source! Join us for:


From Vision to Creation 🦅 

Global Online Gathering from May 20-24, 2024

Quelques mots en français

Je suis très heureuse de participer à mon premier événement en anglais ! My Frenglish is very happy! Cela se passe du 20 au 24 mai en ligne. Nous sommes 20 conférenciers venus du monde entier. Je partage mon histoire au fil du voyage chamanisme, le mana, le soin de l'eau, l'écriture et quelques cas concrets qui permettent de vivre selon son intuition et son chemin.

Take care!

Prenez soin de votre inspiration-action,

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